The Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies (MARPA) is your resource for getting involved in land use, transportation, GIS, environmental and economic issues across the Commonwealth.  We are the thirteen Regional Planning Agencies that guide policies and deliver technical assistance, coordinating the work of our member communities and serving as regional representatives to our federal, state and other governmental partners.  Since 1979, MARPA has worked effectively with legislators, municipal officials, and advocates to innovate in the delivery of municipal public services and adopt planning best practices.

We encourage you to use this website to find answers or leads to additional information on the planning issues that you are interested in.  Click on this site’s Contact Us link to find out which RPA serves your community, and to obtain links to each RPA’s respective website.  Feel free to send comments or suggestions to us using the information in the Contact Us subpage.

See what’s happening in the Commonwealth’s regions, and get the latest information on upcoming events such as the 2017 SNEAPA conference, October 26-27 by clicking on our News link at the bottom of the page.

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